Agile Maturity Assessment

An Agile Maturity Assessment Tool

Welcome to a simple, yet comprehensive, implementation of the ScrumBut test, an update to the earlier Agile assessment tool for Scrum teams. In this implementation I have drawn together many assessment questions from a number of testing tools created by a wide range of experts. It is more than a test for Scrum teams as it covers a wider range of topics, but it is perfect for organizations using Scrum to test where their maturity is currently.

Is it perfect and guaranteed to make you super duper Agile? No, of course not! What it is designed to do is allow you to gain an insight into where you may have gaps in your implementation of Agile ways of working, and to spot opportunities for focussed coaching.

I have added hints to all the questions which are designed to explain to you what I am looking for as a coach. These may help you to understand what a well functioning Agile organization using Scrum could look like. Opinions may differ, but in general my guidance will help you think about how to build a well functioning Agile organization. However, it will not fix a broken organizational design, or correct poor leadership. Those are bigger challenges.

The assessment will take 10-15 minutes, or even longer, to complete. It cannot be saved and restarted, so only begin if you can complete it at this time. At the end you will be given an opportunity to email the results as a PDF or to simply print the screen if you hate giving your email address. REMEMBER: This is a free resource. If you find it useful share it with others. I did not build it as a commercial tool. If you find you need help with your business agility you can always contact me below to see if I can help. Have fun!

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