Board Advisor

Nigel Thurlow with Ritsuo Shingo

Nigel acts as a board advisor and CEO coach to industry and holds a number of current advisory roles in Fortune 500 organizations. He advises on a diverse range of leadership topics bringing cross industry knowledge with direct experience to problem solve, explore options/concepts, and to support the formulation of business and operational strategy.

As a leading thought leader in Lean and Agile methods that combine the fields of Complexity Thinking, Distributed Leadership, and Team Science, Nigel has been responsible for new theories, innovative practices, and developing deeper understanding of how to become the next Disruptive Innovator. He enables executives to see beyond the thicket and untangle the bureaucracy that has grown organically over the years.

Photo: Nigel Thurlow with Ritsuo Shingo, Former Toyota President and son of Shigeo Shingo

Interim Executive

Nigel Thurlow with Professor Nonaka and Professor Takeuchi

As a leading expert of methods and approaches, Nigel brings exceptional leadership to your executive team, filling the gap on an interim basis while establishing new ways of working, new capabilities, and creating the capacity to operate independently.

Acting as your interim CAO (Chief Agile Officer or Chief of Agile) Nigel provides service to the organization, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. The CAO role provides many functions including, but not limited to, guidance and support for ways of working, problem solving, including impediment removal techniques, supporting the transition to more Agile methods, leveraging lean optimizations, enabling functional leadership, developing product leadership, and defining Agile leadership roles.

Photo: Nigel Thurlow with Professor Nonaka and Professor Takeuchi who wrote the seminal paper on Scrum.

Consulting, Training, and Coaching Services

Nigel Thurlow and US Navy and Dallas Police Department

Leverage Nigel’s years of hands-on experience and his broad and deep expertise in new ways of working encompassing best of breed from the Lean and Agile worlds. Access his extensive library of tools from nearly two decades at Toyota, including the power of Scrum The Toyota Way and The Flow System he went on to develop.

Nigel provides services that include remote coaching of individuals, groups, and teams, plus in-person workshops and onsite coaching and training of your team members and leaders.

Engage Nigel to find new ways to achieve your strategy, or engage him to help define your strategy based on new perspectives and innovative ways to uncover the hidden aspects that are limiting your successes, those weak signals.

Nigel’s work on The Flow System led to the development of a new approach to contextually combine various tools and techniques enabling organizations to gain a competitive advantage, make transformational change possible and sustainable, and all without following out-of-date framework recipes.

Photo: Nigel Thurlow with representatives from the US Naval Reserves and Dallas Police Department