Key Expertise

Key Expertise

Image representing Team Science

Team Science

A key aspect of organizational design is when to use teams, and when to focus on other optimizations where teams are not best suited.

Image representing Red Teamin

Red Teaming

Red teaming is a cognitive approach designed to develop new pathways to better decision-making within teams.

Image representing Distributed Leadership

Distributed Leadership

New models of leadership have been emerging and Nigel Thurlow is at the forefront of research and coaching of these models.

Image representing Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Nigel Thurlow has deep expertise in a diverse set of problem solving approaches, from Toyota’s famed A3 method to leading edge techniques in the field of complexity thinking.

Image representing Lean and Agile Methods

Lean and Agile Methods

Developing effective organizational designs and operating models embracing both Lean and Agile concepts, and leveraging knowledge from various sources including Scrum The Toyota Way.

Image representing Complex Adaptive Systems

Complexity Thinking

Complexity thinking is a new form of thinking to aid in managing uncertainty and complex adaptive systems. It leverages many techniques including Sense-Making and Complex Facilitation.