Kanbanize KanConf 2

In this 2nd event of the KanConf series of virtual mini-conferences, I was invited as the special guest along with panelists Andrea Haase, and Erasto Meneses to discuss different topics such as the purpose of Lean, the benefits of Kanban, and many more.

Here are the highlights:

1. The Purpose of Lean – The total elimination of waste in production processes.
2. The Toyota Production System – How did it start? The creation of the Lean movement.
3. TPS/Lean is not enough – Making the best of combining Lean and Agile.
4. The importance of Kanban – Limiting WIP; identifying bottlenecks; measuring customer delivery; important metrics and more.
5. Value stream mapping challenges.
6. Dealing with unpredictable processes.
7. Should we use Kanban only in a predictive environment?

I chatted about how I went from Lean to Agile, and my thoughts on how Kanban has been co-opted by Agile and why it’s not really Kanban in the Toyota sense. I also wander into the whole debate on estimation and the use of Lean metrics in unpredictable work.

Thanks to Kanbanize for invite me along. I think they get it more than most.

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